Exciting News!

Sooo, my story, A Ranger’s Heart, was included in the Alpha Males in Uniforms Anthology! But, due to differences between the publisher and myself, it has been removed from that anthology and all rights have reverted back to me. With that being said… A Ranger’s Heart will be re-titled and updated with more story lines and re-released as a stand-alone later this year!

Also, the anthology The Parlour: All Access will have it’s six months run come to an end August 28th. At this time my story This Rose Has Thorns will revert back to me and this story will be released as a stand-alone on September 1, 2018! If you haven’t bought your copy of this great anthology, please do so before August 28th… It’s well worth it with all of the great authors that are included in this book!

And, the news doesn’t stop there, due to release on November 1, 2018….
My first book of The Broken Branch Series: Mending Hearts! Find yourself falling in love with Gabe Ellis and Isabelle Baldwin. They are two people that have been broken by love one too many times. When they find each other they have to fight their feelings or lose themselves forever in those tumultuous waters of love.

Come back here for more news as I update… or follow me on social media! See links for all social media below.

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